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News Updates on Free International Calls

New free access number released!


News on Free International Calls

We have released a new access number for making free international calls, with following improvements:

1 Better network with enhanced redundancy and call capacity

2. More destinations added:



For full destination list, please visit:

New Free Number and India Is Back


News on Free International Calls

We are happy to announce that India is back to our new issued 0870 number for international calls! And countries such as Australia, Canada, China, India, Pakistan, Poland, USA are also included in the free service.

For details please check our Free International Calls Servicee

New UK Domain:


News on Free International Calls

We Have Switched!

To offer even better services to people in UK, we(Talk4Longer) have switched to a new domain !

Our running services and products will not be effected meanwhile.

Free calls to India


News on Free International Calls

We are still unable to offer the free service to India as it was. However since this morning we allow customer to call India on 0845 but the call duration is limited to 2.5minutes. You can redial as many times as you wish.

It is a temporary measure until the price drops again.

Please retest your number and contact us if you have any problems.

About 0845 numbers to India


News on Free International Calls

We are sorry to notify you that India is no longer in our free 0845 list currently, due to increased cost incurred. We are working hard with our service provider, trying to make India free again.

Meanwhile, please try this alternative number: 0844 720 2410. It works 24/7 (including nights and weekends)! The cost is 1p/min plus a 13.9 connection fee charged by BT. That is to say, if you make a 30 minutes call to India, all you need to pay is 30+13.9=43.9p. Your actual cost per minute is 1.4p, nothing more. There is no requirement for the contract type with this number.

Another Option to Make Free International Calls


News on Free International Calls

Our recently launched Travel Sim product has a Call Divert function, which might provide you another option of making free international calls! Hundreds of destinations, such as China, India, Pakistan and USA are included. For more information, please visit here:

Making free international calls with Travel Sim card.

Please remember you will need to purchase a Travel Sim card to make free calls.

Free International Calls from Landlines - Number Updated


News on Free International Calls

We have issued a new free number for BT users. For more information about this number, please join our mailing list. Anyone found being charged by old numbers, please use this one instead.

Wish you have a good holiday!

New Free Orange Numbers to Be Issued


News on Free International Calls

Hi everyone,

We will issue a new Orange access number for you to make free international calls, as Orange have announced that 0758 999 numbers will be charged at 20p/min, after 7th of November.

If you wish to know the new access number for free calls, please join our mailing list. You will be notified as soon as we changing the access number, or launching new services. Please check here to join:

Free International Calls from Orange - We Are Back!


News on Free International Calls

Orange users can make free international calls, again! India, Pakistan, USA, China... are all included. All you need to do is dial the access number (please contact us), within your inclusive minutes. Here is the full list of destinations supported:

Australia Landline
Austria Landline
Bahrain Landline
Bahrain Mobile
Bangladesh Landline
Bangladesh  Mobile
Belgium Landline
Brazil Landline
Bulgaria Landline
Canada Landline
China Landline
China Mobile
Cyprus South Landline
Cyprus South Mobile
Denmark   Landline
Finland Landline
France Landline
France Mobile
Germany Landline
Greece Landline
Hongkong Landline
Hongkong Mobile
India Landline
India Mobile
India BSNL Landline
Indonesia Landline
Ireland Landline
Italy Landline
Japan Landline
Korea South Mobile
Korea_ South Landline
Malaysia Landline
Malaysia Mobile
Mexico Landline
Netherlands Landline
Norway Landline
Pakistan Landline
Pakistan Mobile
Poland Landline
Portugal Landline
Romania Landline
Russia Landline
Singapore Landline
Singapore Mobile
South Africa Landline
Spain  Landline
Sweden Landline
Sweden Mobile
Switzerland Landline
USA Landline
USA Mobile

More details can be found at : Free International Calls for Orange Mobiles

You can also go to country pages, like free calls to India, free calls to Pakistan, free calls to China, free calls to USA, and etc.

Please contact us for updated free numbers


News on Free International Calls

It seems that BT is charging our 0845 access numbers only weeks after we publishing them on our free international calls webpage, which keeps our customers to change the number quite often. To avoid such inconveniences, we decide to stop publishing new 0845 numbers on the website. Instead, you can contact us by email to get the most recent number.

Free Calls to India?


News on Free International Calls

For the 0845 number on Talk4longer's webpage, will it be absolutely free to call India?

Landline users might be able to make free calls to India, through 0845 381 xxxx, which opens 8am – 6pm, Monday – Friday. But it is still a chance that you will be charged by BT at a rate of 2p/min. I would suggest you to try this number for one or two minutes and check out with your bill. Also I recommend our webpage (free international calls) for updates of this service.

For calling India 24/7 with best quality, please try our access number 0844 838 2410, which costs just 2p/min for BT users, with no hidden charges.

Destination List of Free International Calls Updated


News on Free International Calls

We have updated the destination list of making free international calls. Many places are either added or extended to a longer calling limit. Some of the destinations are: Hongkong, Japan, Monaco, Slovakia, Jersey. For the full list, please visit our free calls section.

New 0845 Number Issued


News on Free International Calls

We just issued a new access number for you to make international calls: 0845 381 7122.

Please have a try of this number to see if it is chargable.

More infromation on free international calling can be found at our web page:  free international calls from Talk4longer.

Why Talk4longer's international calls(0845) can be free?


News on Free International Calls

How we get paid:

The free 0845 minutes that customers received are acctually covered by their monthly contract payment. For example, if you have a 20 pounds monthly contract with 1000 minutes of 0845 calling, you cost per minute will be 20/1000=0.02 pound (2 pences) for making calls to 0845 numbers. We will share this 2p/min payment with BT, to cover our costs of running internaional calling service.

Why only 8am-6pm, weekdays?

BT have different revenue sharing plans, according to different time intervals. Only with the sharing plan between 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday, we can make enough money to sustain this service. If you are calling out of this time interval, the service will be closed.

And please remember that BT keep the right of charge this number, and they might if it is considered as a indirect calling service. The charge will be 2p/min if it happens. So when you are using this 0845 servce, please keep an eye with your bill. If you found yourself charged, please notify us – and we will issue a new access number for you.

Calling-card giant Lycatel investigated by Ofcom


News on Free International Calls

Ofcom, the telecoms regulator, has launched an investigation into Lycatel to gauge whether the calling-card provider is infringing consumer protection laws.

The regulator has initiated the inquiry after complaints from Consumer Direct and the Trading Standards Office.

It will determine whether Lycatel is providing its customers with clear and up-to-date information about its terms and conditions.

If the company is found to have overcharged its customers and failed to comply with regulatory guidelines, Ofcom could fine the company up to 10 per cent of its revenue.

The company is one of the largest players in the international calling-card market and has five million customers worldwide.

It competes with the likes of Lebara in targeting immigrant and ethnic communities with cheap international calls.

Despite the rise of services such as Skype and O2's Jajah that offer cheap international call rates, the international calling-card market in the UK is still vibrant with 150 million cards sold every year and 3.7 million customers.

However, the calling card market has historically offered poor customer service, and people buying cards with a value of between £5 and £20 have often complained that they do not receive the value they expected.

Ofcom cracked down on the industry in 2005 to weed out companies that routinely took advantage of customers.

New free international calling number issued


News on Free International Calls

Great news: we have issued a new 0845 number: 0845 381 7117, to replace the previous one, which is charged by BT.

Please try this new number to see if it is free.

We would like to thank you for the support and patience you have shown, to our free international calling service.

BT are charging 08453817119


News on Free International Calls

We just received information that BT are starting to charge this number. We are now beginning the evaluation process and would issue a new access number as soon as possible.

Your patient is appreciated. Meanwhile, please have a try of our alternative services, which starts from just 1p per minute: Our Cheap Rates

Free Calls & Internet In India


News on Free International Calls

MTS India, the CDMA Mobile service brand of Sistema Shyam TeleServices Limited (SSTL) today announced Free Service package for Unlimited Free Callings (Local and STD) with in Own Network and Mobile Internet Access (Data Downloads) on the occasion of the its First Anniversary in India.

SSTL’s CDMA Mobile services under the brand name of MTS India was launched in India in March 2009 and in less than a year the operator has notched up an impressive subscriber base of more than 3 million. Presently MTS India has operations in eleven circles which include Tamil Nadu including Chennai, Kerala, Rajasthan, Kolkata, West Bengal, Bihar-Jharkhand, Delhi, Karnataka, Haryana, Mumbai and Maharashtra-Goa.

With the FREE Service Anniversary Special Package, MTS CDMA Mobile and Data service customers will get Unlimited Free STD and Local calling with in MTS network across India. MTS Data services MBlaze subscribers in all telecom circles of India will get Free Unlimited Downloads from for 24 hours beginning from the midnight of March 26, 2010.

Speaking on the launch of Special anniversary celebration Offer, Mr. Vsevolod Rozanov, President & CEO, SSTL said, We are happy to announce the offer of free calling and Free Internet (Data downloads) for our esteem customers in India. The journey so far has been very exciting backed by the support of valuable subscribers. The special package is a humble gesture to honor their trust in MTS”.

MTS India also announced that It will be launching CDMA Mobile and Data services in 4 telecom circles by the end of December 2010. The first launch will be in Andhra Pradesh in June 2010, followed by Uttar Pradesh (West), Uttar Pradesh (East) and Gujarat telecom circle.

Place removed from free calls service


News on Free International Calls

Note: Kenya Nairobi is no longer available for free international calls.

Free calls in Pakistan regulated


News on Free International Calls

By Muhammad Yasir

KARACHI: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is mulling to rationalise the cost mechanism of toll-free numbers through calls made by mobile phones services.

The regulator body has sought stakeholders’ opinion in order to establish framework pricing mechanism on calls made to local and international toll-free numbers through mobile telephony services of various operators.

A toll-free or free-of-cost calling number is a special telephone number, in which the receiver of the calls is usually charged the cost of the calls by the telephone operator, instead of callers.

The cost of calls to the call receiver may be based on factors such as the amount of usage of number, the cost of the trunk lines to the facility, and possibly a monthly flat rate service charge.

In commercial sector, different companies utilise toll-free number frequently in order to facilitate their customers particularly for complaints of services, booking orders and different inquiries.

Presently, mobile phone operators charge airtime from their users for calling toll-free. On the other hand, the toll-free number is free of cost by landline telephony services. In Pakistan, the Authority allocates toll-free numbers (starting with 0800) to applicants for facilitation of callers in accordance with the provisions of Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) Act, 1996 and ‘Numbering Allocation &

Administration Regulations, 2005’. As far as the charging of toll-free numbers is concerned, PTA approved Reference Interconnected Offer (RIO) of fixed-line operators in 2004. Accordingly, the fixed-line operator that originates calls will be paid a standard interconnection charge as per the charges outlined in RIO based on time of day as well as distance from the calling party to the point of interconnection with the operator connected to the free phone service provider.

However, if there is no point of interconnection between the operator originating a call and the operator terminating a call, then a third-party operator may carry the call between the originating and terminating operators against which the third party operator will receive a transit charges depending on time of day and distance between the two points of interconnection with the originating and terminating operators respectively. As per the RIO, the terminating operators are obliged to pay originating operators interconnect charges for all calls whether the billed revenue is collected from free phone providers or not. Whereas, the pricing mechanism remains operative for fixed-line telephony operator.

In March 2006, the mobile phone operators were allowed for first time the access of toll-free numbers in the country as the numbers of cellular phone services were on the rise. There was not inter-operator charge between respective mobile operator and free phone service provider. However, mobile operators were allowed to charge their users any reasonable tariff for calls made to free phone numbers.

While, Last year, Telecom Consumers’ Forum and other business entities raised an issue of call charges of mobile phone operators on toll-free numbers.

Telecom experts see the possibility of toll-free calls, originated from mobile networks, free of cost to end-users while mobile phone operators could be compensated the same on account of usage of their networks.

In this regard, the services providers will pay origination charges equivalent to mobile termination rate (i.e. existing Rs 0.90 per minute) to mobile operators against toll-free calls originated from cellular phone companies. The cellular mobile operators will not be allowed to levy any charge from their subscribers, who can enjoy free calling to toll-free numbers.

However, the said regime will increase the costs of service providers that may rationalise the charging from toll-free users to cover their costs. The risk of bad debts will primarily be borne by service providers and they will ensure full payment of dues to cellular phone operators irrespective of the fact whether they receive their dues from users of toll-free numbers or not.

On the other hand, the cost of mobile termination rate will be borne by users of toll-free numbers instead of service providers as another option. The rationale behind this approach is to facilitate the end-users by making calls to toll-free numbers free of cost (whether dialed from fixed-line or mobile networks) and to put the extra financial burden on the beneficiaries i.e. users of toll-free numbers, any business entity or any company’s customers call center.

It has been observed that most of the countries do not allow mobile users to access toll-free numbers and in the countries where access is available from mobile phones, the mobile operators charge airtime tariffs from their users for making calls on toll-free numbers.

From Daily Times

Nokia users can make free international calls via Skype


News on Free International Calls

Nokia has announced that that its users would be able to make free calls as it launched its version of Skype.

This version of Skype works on the smart phones of Nokia only.

With the development of 3G and wifi network, it is just a matter of time for any smart phone user to make free voip calls.

For landline users, however, the only option to make free international calls is still calling through 0845 access numbers, within their allowance.

Free International Calls - Still Alive?


News on Free International Calls

Many users are writing to us, asking the same question:is the free international calls service still working?

The answer is: YES. Please remember this service opens 8am-6pm, weekdays only - otherwise you might not be able to connect.

And if you find being charged by BT for making international calls with this service, please send a copy of bills to us - and we will try to issue a new access number for you to make free international calls.