Talk4Longer, a cheaper choice on international calls.

How to Make A UK International Call

There are two options for you to make an international call: direct dial and top up.

Direct dial service is easier to use, as you only need to dial our access number and make the call. The cost is just the national rate for you international call, for most countries.

Top up service needs you to top up before the international phone call. The cost starts from 1p per minute, and there is a 10p connection fee charge for each successful call.

How to make the Direct Call

1) Dial the relevant Talk4Longer access number:

0870 794 2410(weekday)

0844 570 2410(weekend)

The countries fit such numbers are listed in our rate page (where you can also find other access numbers suitable for more countries)

2) At the prompt dial your international destination number in full (including 00)*

3) That's it, you're connected.

* Remember you can dial your destination number at any time during the prompt.

How you pay for the calls you make
When you make a call via Talk4Longer you only pay for calling one of the Talk4Longer access numbers. It is your service provider that will charge you - not us. So for example, if you made a 5 minute call to India from a BT phone, then next time you got your BT bill you would see a call to our 0871 number, a duration of 5 minutes and a charge of 50p and absolutely no charges by us. Simple!

The prices shown on this site are BT's charges per minute for calling the Talk4Longer access number and you are charged per second from connection to the Talk4Longer service. If you're not with BT you need to check with your service provider how much they will charge for calls made to the Talk4Longer access numbers. Some mobile service providers even bundle some of the Talk4Longer access numbers into certain free minutes packages. If you are thinking of using a Talk4Longer access number from your mobile phone please first check the charges with your mobile service provider.

For Topup Users:

1. Top Up

If you are using a mobile:

Text us the message TALK4LONGER to the short number 80041(or 80550 for £5). This text will cost you £3 and we will credit your phone with £3 of call credit.

If you are using a BT landline:

Simply dial 0901 366 5419 from a BT phone to gain £1 credit on that phone.

2. Talk Now

Make your call from your chosen phone using our 0207 124 6666 or 0800 594 6666 access numbers.

Note: When you want to make the international call you need to dial one of the numbers that access our service - the numbers you can dial are 0800 594 6666 or 0207 124 6666 or 0845 451 6666 . Please note that when using the 0800 access number we charge a 3p per minute surcharge for your international call. To see which access number may be best for you click here .

That is it! No accounts to be open, No credit/debit cards needed, No PIN numbers, and No extra bills!

3. More Tips

Using Talk4Longer from your mobile phone
Making super-low-cost international calls from your mobile couldn't be easier thanks to Talk4Longer. This page will explain how you do it. We'll also offer some advice on how you can make things easier on yourself when it comes to regular dialing too.

Making the Call from your mobile
After topping-up you can make international calls from your mobile any time you want. All you have to do is dial one of the access numbers - 0207 124 6666 is probably best (read on for details) - followed by your international number in full - remember not to press your send or call button again after you have dialed the international number.

The access numbers your can use are 0207 124 6666 or 0800 594 6666 or 0845 451 6666 .

Which access number should you use? The answer to this will depend on which mobile network you are with and the specific tariff plan that your network has you contracted to. For instance - if you have bundled free minutes with your network then the 0207 number may be the best to use. Or - if your network allows you to dial 0800 numbers for free (many charge for a standard national rate call) then the 0800 number may suit you best.

To get the best possible value from Talk4Longer please check your personal charging structure with your mobile network. Your network will be able to tell you which of the above access codes will be the cheapest for you to use.

You needn't worry too much. The most that any call is likely to cost will be equivalent to your standard calls to a landline. So at worst - you can call the USA from your mobile for the cost of a standard call plus just 1p

Tricks for saving on dialing time
The Talk4Longer service is very quick and hassle free. There is even a simple trick that you can use to make the dialing process completely seamless. There is no need for you to dial both the access code and the full international number every time you use the service.

Here's How You Do It:
Simply add a pause between the access number and the international number you wish to dial:

For example: You want to call Mum in Australia. You create a new entry called 'Mum' in your mobile's phone-book memory and when entering the number:

1. Enter the Talk4Longer access number - 0207 124 6666 or 0800 594 6666 or 0845 451 6666

2. Enter a 'pause'. This can be done easily depending on the brand of your mobile:

  Nokia Phones:
A 'p' will appear after * has been pressed 3 times.

Siemens/Panasonic Phones:
A '+' will appear after 0 has been pressed and held.

Motorola / Sony Ericsson Phones:
A 'p' will appear after * has been pressed and held.

3. Now enter your international destination number in full including 00 and save.

That's it - next time you want to call up your Mum using Just Dial's Talk4Longer service simply find 'Mum' in your memory and dial!

For definitive instructions please review your mobile phone instruction manual or contact your phone manufacturer.